Australian writer Andrew Bolt: Tribes mean sharing a territory not a culture

Adam Dahman on his Facebook page.

Australia now boasts an amazing new export: suicide bombers and men who hack off the heads of infidels.

Adam Dahman, 18, a graduate of Northcote High, this month reportedly became our second suicide bomber, killing three people in Baghdad. (His family denies it.)
Also starting in this new export drive are Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar, whose Twitter accounts last week showed them mugging with the severed heads of Iraqis… [Elomar’s] wife’s lawyer claims were just “Photoshopped.”
Sharrouf, who served time in an Australian jail over a terrorist plot before moving to Syria, meanwhile brags: “Few more heads how lovely bludy amazing stuff abuhafs u keep on cutting those infidel throats but the last 1 is mine!”

…[T]he very idea that Australians travel the world cutting off heads or blowing themselves up would have been inconceivable a generation ago.

How stupid we have been. Our immigration programs seem to have operated under the conceit that we could import people without the culture which shaped them — or at least not the nastier bits.

That was always a fraud but is even more so now that immigrants have come in such numbers that some form colonies here, whole suburbs bonded by ethnic and religious ties and connected back to the source country by cheap travel, internet access and satellite television…

* * *
It doesn’t help that the families are denial and are refusing to admit what it going on.

h/t Marvin