Taking Back Calgary From the Jew Hating, Pro-Hamas Thugs @nenshi

I got an e-mail out of the blue last week from a non-Jewish Canadian from Calgary.

I was so moved by the e-mail that I asked for permission to share parts of it here on my blog. I was impressed by the moral courage expressed, and simply by the fact that an individual wanted to do something about the antisemitism in Calgary. I urged this citizen not to act alone as we have seen that the pro-Hamas hot heads have no compunction whatsoever about beating up women and older people.

It is also important to connect good people so that together, they can make things happen. That means making public officials accountable, making police do their jobs as well.

Here is some of what was sent to me. Remember, I do not know this individual personally. We have never met, yet we are united by so many moral concepts. I feel very privileged that this person decided to reach out to me, and even more grateful that I could make a connection for this person to other like-minded Calgarians.