Madrid Jews to ‘defend’ against author who justified past expulsions

Protesters shout slogans and gesture during a demonstration against Israel’s Operation Protective Edge outside the Israeli Embassy in Madrid, Thursday, July 24, 2014. (photo credit: Javier Soriano/AFP)

SEVILLA, Spain — The Jewish Community of Madrid said it would take legal steps against a celebrated writer who cited Israel’s Gaza operation in justifying past expulsions of Jews.

Antonio Gala, an award-winning playwright and author, made the statement in an op-ed which was published on July 23 by the Spanish daily El Mundo.

“It’s not strange that they have been so frequently expulsed,” he wrote about the Jewish people in his 233-word article. ”What is surprising, is that they persist. Either they are not good, or someone is poisoning them. I am not a racist.”

In a letter to the editor of El Mundo, David Hatchwell, president of the Madrid Jewish Community, vowed to “invoke [legal] protection with all our vigor” against Gala, whom he said has a history of penning texts which were deemed offensive to Jews…