Historic Chinese church gutted by fire: Xinhua

This combo shows an undated overhead view (L) of Ningbo cathedral and another image (R) taken on July 28, 2014 after a fire gutted the structure in Ningbo, in eastern China’s Zhejiang province on July 28, 2014. AFP Photo

A fire largely destroyed one of China’s oldest churches early Monday, state media reported, gutting the inside of the late 19th century structure.

“The inside of the building is totally destroyed,” a firefighter told the official Xinhua news agency after the blaze at the gothic-style Jiangbei Cathedral in Ningbo, in Zhejiang province.

“It’s a great loss. The church is such a beautiful building.”

No casualties were reported, the report said, and an investigation was under way.

It comes after authorities in April demolished a church in a heavily Christian area of Wenzhou, also in Zhejiang, in eastern China, after they said it was an illegal structure.

The Ningbo cathedral, constructed by a French bishop in 1872, is an important cultural relic protected by the state “for its great historical and architectural value,” Xinhua said…

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What a coincidence.  Or maybe not.  Maybe the Commies are just as barbaric as the Islamic State in Iraq?  Just a thought.  The article concludes, referring to an earlier event:

Overseas-based campaign group China Aid said last week that 14 members of a Wenzhou-based church were injured Monday morning when government officials stormed its gates to try and destroy its cross.