Hamas defector slams ‘death worship’

Mosab Hassan Yousef during an interview with CNN, July 2014. (screen capture: YouTube/Yaron Haklai)

A high-profile Hamas critic, and son of one the group’s leaders, struck out at the terrorist group for its “worship of death” and its plans to establish a global caliphate, in a recent interview.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, a Hamas defector who worked for 10 years as an informer for the Shin Bet, explained to CNN last week that, for Gaza’s rulers, human life is of no consequence.

“Hamas does not care about the lives of Palestinians, or the lives of Israelis, or Americans; they don’t care about their own lives,” Yousef said. “They consider dying for their ideology a way of worship.

“Hamas is not seeking coexistence and compromise; Hamas is seeking conquest,” he added. “The destruction of the state of Israel is not the Hamas final destination.”

Hamas, Yousef asserted, wants to build an Islamic state “on the rubble of every other civilization.”

Yousef, who converted to Christianity and was disowned by his father, West Bank Hamas leader Hassan Yousef, recalled that the extreme indoctrination is preached in mosques at young children.

“In the mosques, Hamas told us that without shedding innocent blood for the sake of the ideology we will not be able to build an Islamic state,” he said. “At five-years-old, that is what they were feeding us”…

h/t Marvin for the video