Disney infinitely improved by adding sloths

I’m not a big Disney fan. I guess Snow White (1937) is good, if only because the Wicked Queen is such a primal character, and the fun Sorcerer’s Apprentice bit in Fantasia (1940) is derived from Goethe who himself got it from much older sources.

Basically, though, all the Disney movies when I was a kid featured adenoidal whiny teenagers and stupid talking dancing singing household objects. It’s like they were on a mission to destroy the spirit of Germanic folk stories, which tend, surprisingly, towards the grim and doom-ridden. (Here’s the original Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen.)

Snow White was a b*tch. She abandoned the Dwarves without (I think) so much as a wave goodbye. After all they did for her. Apparently this really upset me when I was a kid.

I divide the world into people who like Disney and people who like Loonie Tunes.

Anyway, yeah, sloths. Way better. h/t Osumashi.

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