Ramblings from the crackpot Turkish ‘World Bulletin’: Genocide industry, hatred strategy

Inside certain circles in the West, especially inside media, art, and academic circles, it still takes courage to bring forward the massacre in Gaza, which had become Israel’s genocide against Palestinians. Of course, there are theological, economic, political and historical reasons for this love of Israel and to the attempts of stigmatizing every kind of murder as being innocent.

The fact that initially anti-Semitism was a matter of religious belief by declaring Jews as “God’s killer,” can perhaps be explained in terms of social psychology, expecially with its Nazi version still fresh in people’s memories, but this gives rise to unproductive reactions.

The evolution of Evangelical Christianity’s love for Jews into Zionism, which later tranformed into Islamophobia is connected with this theological perversion. The West’s limitless support for Israel and its suppression of its secret hatred for Jews expressing itself in the form of Islamophobia is a case of a social sin revealing itself in a different way. This living hatred for Jews has now found a substitute in Islamophobia.

In attempting to produce legitimizing arguements for seeing the people of Gaza and the West Bank deserving of such a collective punishment, the West is reassuring its conscience by forming a media blackout on the atrocities, which proves to support and encourage Israel.

The religious psychology and social memory that will be revealed as a result of this silence towards the massacre, or even the active support of the massacre, certainly is no emotional matter. The real proofs of this support for Israel are the Jewish businessmen, Zionism’s branches in the West, and especially America’s strategic economic, political and hegemonic interests. However, the Western conscience needs to carefully organize all psychological and historic elements in order to accept, legitimize and find support for chasing these interests…

* * *
The author is identified as “Akif Emre” who clearly is an idiot.   Courage to oppose Israel?  In academic, media and art circles?  What has he been smoking?