#DiversityIsOurStrength in Germany: Refugee advocates fear growing violence against asylum seekers

Translation: “No asylum seeker homes, neither here nor anywhere else”

Ali Moradi isn’t a fearful man. After all, he’s been in life-threatening situations more than once. The manager of the Refugee Support Center of Saxony used to be a helicopter pilot. In 1995, he fled Iran as a refugee and arrived in the eastern German state of Saxony.

In the fall of 2013, however, Moradi was afraid – but not for himself. Rather, he feared attacks on refugees who had been housed in a former army barracks in the town of Schneeberg. A politician from the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) had posted an appeal on the “Schneeberg Fights Back” Facebook page, calling on residents to join a torchlight parade outside the asylum seeker processing center.

Moradi quickly rounded up a few friends and drove to the community, which has a population of 15,000. “We tried to form a human chain with about 11 people, as a kind of counter-demonstration,” he recalls. Around 1,500 people attended the first of four marches.

The protesters weren’t just supporters of the NPD*, which has held seats in Saxony’s parliament for the past 10 years. Many others with no links to the party showed up to march in the demonstration, arguing that many refugees were economic migrants who would be a burden on German society…

*NPD: a true neo-Nazi party (formed to replace the now illegal Nazi Party itself).   The German MSM likes to focus on them because they are genuinely unattractive.

However, as the article notes, increasing numbers of “ordinary people” are getting fed up.

Many people who would be prepared to accept a small number of refugees are simply in revolt over what seems to be becoming population replacement.