Canada, this is your future

The Muslims marched today. Aided to a small extent by the usual assortment of left wing useful idiots. But make no mistake, this was Islamic triumphalism on display. The Wynne government, in it’s wisdom, granted the Islamists permission to use the legislature to call for the destruction of Israel.

Their numbers this year may have bettered 5000. This is what Canada’s failed immigration policy has wrought, we have allowed a culture whose values are antithetical to our own to take root. Not only to take root but to flourish, protected under the shield of politically correct madness known as multiculturalism.

They now operate openly, without fear of repercussion, and demand the destruction of Israel and the Jews on our streets.

Our government has welcomed the Global Jihad with open arms. We will pay the price.

This young lady, proudly holding her sign announcing that Jews are bloodthirsty Nazis,, is the future our government and it’s disastrous immigration policy has left us to contend with.

This charming gentleman, in a revolting display of contempt for us all, happily spit at the Jews facing him. Your government has made this possible. They have in fact encouraged it, and sooner rather than later, like European cities, our streets will be unsafe.

This is for you Canada, it is a gift bestowed upon us all by the lie of multiculturalism and a destructive immigration policy.

What makes Al Quds Day Special?

This is the Canada that multiculturalism and cowardly politicians have given us. The lunatic adherents of a violent supremacist cult walk among us. At least they gave David Icke credit.

Allahu Akbar on University Avenue