Nigeria Shi’ite leader says military kills 3 sons, 30 supporters

The occasion was the al-Quds day protest. Photo from Fars News

(Reuters) – The leader of Nigeria’s minority Shi’ite Muslims accused the military on Saturday of killing three of his sons and 30 of his supporters when they opened fire on a protest the previous day.

The military said they were fired upon first by someone in the crowd and that they killed nine people.

The Shi’ites were protesting Israeli attacks on Gaza and also marching to observe of a religious holiday, in the northern city of Zaria, where Ibrahim Zakzaky’s Islamic Movement of Nigeria is based, when a troop convoy tried to pass.

Ibrahim Zakzaky

“Soldiers opened fire on our people at Kuban bridge killing 30 of our people, among which were three of my sons,” Zakzaky said in a statement. He accused the government of ordering the attack and said two of his supporters were executed after being arrested.

“I however appeal to our people to remain calm,” he said…

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As in every other place in the world (where it can), Iran has been busily trying to woo Sunnis to its own particular and highly intolerant brand of Shi’ism.   So an al-Quds day is de rigueur.