#DiversityIsOurStrength in Turkey: ‘Priest-like shapes’ on carpets spark crisis in the mosques of southeastern city

One of the offending carpets. Come on, can’t you see it! It is totally obvious!

Turkish authorities have announced that prayer carpets at mosques in the southeastern town of Batman will be replaced due to the complaints filed by Muslims who alleged that some of their motifs “resemble Christian priests.”

“Only when we see them up close, we understood that some mosque carpets are indeed patterned with ‘different’ symbols. We tried all the ways to remove the patterns, but we couldn’t do it. Now there is no alternative to replacing the carpets altogether,” Hasan Çağlar, the top religious authority in the province, said July 26.

Marker shows the location of the city of Batman in Turkey

Several imams said that some Muslims left their mosques without praying after seeing the carpets, according to Doğan News Agency. Çağlar added that around 10 mosques in central Batman have the prayer carpets that angered the local congregation.

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Sounds like we could use some of these fine citizens of Turkey as immigrants to Canada.  Never forget that “Diversity is our strength” and nothing says “diversity” like crazed Muslims seeing patterns of “Christian priests” on mosque carpets.