This is sick! Leaving dolls resembling real young girls outside homes in gated California community

One of the dolls

California police are investigating after multiple families reported porcelain dolls that resemble their little girls were left outside their homes.

As many as 11 California families from a gated residential community in San Clemente, Orange County, have come forward to report finding the creepy dolls on their doorsteps.

The mysterious person behind the creepy gifts has since been found by police, who say she had never intended to scare anyone.

The dolls began appearing on doorsteps on July 16. All the girls who received one were aged around 10 years old, and some attend the same elementary school.

KTLA reports that the initial number of dolls was four, but the figure has been revised to 11.

“Families in each of the homes where porcelain dolls were left voiced concern that the dolls resembled their daughters,” the Sheriff’s Department stated in a news release…

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KTLA further reports (first link above):

The porcelain dolls left at the homes of eight families in San Clemente and resembling young girls who live there were left in a gesture of “goodwill,” the Orange County Sheriff’s Department stated in a tweet Thursday night.

Goodwill indeed!  At best, this a harmless nutcase.  At worst, it sounds like a Stephen King horror novel plot.