There Be No Shelter Here!

It seems that Illegal alien ‘youts’ have discovered the past time of murdering homeless transients.
Lets see what these dreamin’ demons did in New Mexico.
Here’s the highlight reel version of crime number 1.

“Alex Rios, 18, Nathaniel Carrillo, 16, and Gilbert Tafoya, 15, used cinder blocks, a metal fence pole and bricks to bash the two sleeping men during the hour-long attack Friday night, prosecutors said.
A third homeless man, Jerome (Skeets) Eskeets, was able to escape with bruises after the savage beating in a vacant field where the victims were all sleeping on mattresses.”
“Cops were called around 8 a.m. Saturday to the report of the dead bodies, one on a mattress and the other on the ground. Investigators were described as “sick to their stomachs” after witnessing the brutal carnage.”
“Eskeets told cops the alleged attackers lived nearby because the boys had previously attacked his mother, also homeless.”

But wait, there’s MORE!

This next story of more of “God’s children” doing the devil’s work, and is out of Maryland, courtesy of Alex Jones.

Amos Milburn Jones, a 56-year-old homeless man, was beaten and stabbed to death outside of a shopping strip in Suitland, Md., early Tuesday morning, after witnesses say they saw him arguing with a girl. He must of somehow ‘dissed her, and so they showed him what for.

Yesterday, Suitland police revealed the 17-year-old female and several of the other suspects were members of the notoriously hyper-violent, multi-national gang known as Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, and that all six suspects would be charged with first degree murder. Buried in a video report by ABC affiliate WJLA is a quick mention that all six arrested were illegal immigrants.

Thank you Democrats and Republicans both!