‘The saddest photo’ is doing the rounds – no correction – has been retweeted 40,000 times

People on Twitter are horrified, as this sample response shows:

The ultimate shame of those who claim to be the chosen ones. @Astro_Alex @Tim_O_Brien
— Robin (@TheProfRobin) July 23, 2014

@HomerHickam @Astro_Alex Those damned Arabs should just accept being exiled, How dare the swarthy sorts object to whitely evicting them, eh?
— Amanda Kendal (@AmandaKendal) July 23, 2014

@Astro_Alex @palestine My Desktop Picture to help keep me awake! #SaveGaza ~ https://t.co/jFFNAyIxAO
— Peter S. López (@Peta_de_Aztlan) July 23, 2014

@Astro_Alex Wakeup World. #Israel defends itself by killing little girls. #GazaUnderAttack pic.twitter.com/pgbF56w1X1
— Zahid Khawaja (@khawajaNNInews) July 23, 2014

Be sure to see the rebuttal here.  It looks exactly like many other photos I have seen taken over populated areas with city lights.  How people so stupid?

I sent a tweet in response but was presumably drowned by the 40,000 admirers.