Southern Thailand: Ramadan goes out with a bang! Car bomb kills 2, wounds 40

The Betong Holiday Hill hotel and several cars were damaged by the blast

Two have been killed and 40 wounded in a car bomb in downtown Betong, Yala province, at 4.40pm on Friday.

The explosives were hidden in a Toyota Vigo pickup truck parked in front of the Betong Holiday Hill hotel on Bhakdi Damrong Road in tambon Betong.

The explosion damaged the hotel building, cars and motorycles in the area and sparked a fire on a house and a convenience store.

The area was locked down while security officials and rescue workers helped the wounded.

Yala governor Dejrat Simsiri told Matichon Online the casualities were high because a fruit fair was being held in the province.

Meanwhile, in Narathiwat, a roadside bomb killed one paramilitary ranger and injured three of his friends in Sukhirin district at about 3.30pm on Friday…

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Although it rarely hits the Western media (this is from the Bangkok Post), the Islamists in southern Thailand, as always,  have been busy.

Typically, they carry out small operations: car bombs that kill a policeman or two, that type of thing. But they do it every day or so, and it adds up, even if each event is not spectacular.

I am just guessing but I strongly suspect this a Ramadan celebration.

The Muslims of Thailand are largely restricted to three southern provinces adjacent to Malaysia (they are ethnic Malays rather than Thais).