Martinuk: Hatred and intolerance have set up shop in Calgary

Last month, we all became aware of investigations showing that Calgary is a known hot spot for breeding radical Muslims and grooming them to join terrorist groups overseas. It is known that at least two young Calgary men have been killed in these wars.

Last Friday, Calgary witnessed pro-Palestinian demonstrators display a shameful disregard for tolerance, democracy and the rule of law in Canada. As has been reported, about 1,000 pro-Palestinians gathered on the steps of City Hall to protest Israel’s current military action in Gaza.

A small number of Jews/supporters of Israel were also present. Some Arabs took offence at their very presence and ripped the Israeli flag to shreds. When the pro-Jewish crowd began to back away in fright, they were chased and, reportedly, at least six (including two women) were beaten and taken to hospital.

Where Islam is, violence follows.