#DiversityIsOurStrength Ramadan a ding-dong: Residents call for tougher response to anti-social behaviour during Ramadan in Easton

Poster put by the police

RESIDENTS in Easton have called for a tougher response to anti-social behaviour during Ramadan. Groups of up to 100 men have been congregating on residential streets near Stapleton Road late into the evenings following the breaking of the dawn-to-dusk fast.

Police have stepped up patrols and put up posters asking people to respect their neighbours. But residents said the posters have been torn down and the problem has persisted.

They have called on authorities and cultural groups to work together to solve the problem.

One Easton resident, of Milsom Street, told the Bristol Post: “We are all being kept awake and today I spoke to a new neighbour who is also calling the police most nights now.”

She said police had been “skirting around” the problem. She added: “It’s so odd that it’s still going on when we are all feeling the impact of these men standing about talking in loud voices.”

A photo of Stapleton Street in Bristol

This year Ramadan takes place between June 29 and July 27. Rizwan Ahmed, spokesman for the Bristol Muslim Cultural Society, said the timing of Ramadan this year had pushed back social hours into the night.

But he added that the behaviour was not “in the spirit of Ramadan” and called for further outreach work to curb the problem.

A large portion of the groups socialising on the streets are from the Somali community…

h/t Politically Incorrect  (They have translated parts of this and other related articles to German).