#DiversityIsOurStrength in Sweden: Mosque under construction is burned in Norrköping

The building that burned in Norrköping. Photo: Gustav Kamensky Svensson/Sveriges Radio

Last night a building that was under construction burned in Norrköping in Östergötland. It was a mosque that local Muslims were building. And it could be that it was torched deliberately.

Said Atallah spoke sadly of the event, “It was our dream and now it has gone up in smoke. I am in shock, in despair.”

Said AtallahPhoto: Gustav Kamensky Svensson/Sveriges Radio

Many Muslims in Norrköping had put a lot of money and time trying to build this mosque, or Islamic Center, as they call it.

Now the building is destroyed. And it may be that someone set it on fire deliberately, police suspect.  For there are groups who do not like Muslims or their plan to build a mosque in Norrköping.

Atallah thinks that the people should come forward and talk instead of destroying.

“Those who think ill of us Muslims can come to us. We are open to a discussion. It is better to do it that way instead of this. To burn the building, it puts the entire community at risk,” Atallah said.