The Media’s Selective Reporting on Gaza Deaths Incites More Violence, Anti-Semitism

The media has obsessively counted every dead body in the conflict between Hamas and Israel. 

They rarely explain why so many more Palestinians than Israelis have been killed: Hamas does not allow Palestinian civilians into their shelters, while using civilian areas from which to fire their rockets; Israel, on the other hand, devotes its resources to building shelters and Iron Dome protection.

Put another way, while Israel uses shelters and Iron Dome to protect its civilians, Hamas uses its civilians to protect its rockets and its terrorists. A widely circulated cartoon, posted above, makes this point effectively.

Recently, supporters of Hamas have argued that to say that Hamas uses civilians as human shields is a manifestation of racism and an attempt to dehumanize Palestinians. But it is Hamas’ own leaders who have long boasted of this tragic reality…

* * *
MSM photographers contribute to this too by showing endless photos of weeping women at funerals. They just love them.

There may be odd photo of an Israeli funeral of a fallen soldier, but most photos from Israel are of tanks, weapons and the endlessly popular photos of explosions.

I don’t doubt that weeping women are genuine, but why did Hamas start this? They must have known that Israel would fight back.