HuffPo: Breathtaking photos of witch doctors and healers reveal the spiritual diversity of Bolivia

One of the “artists’ ” photos

Artists Thomas Rousset and Raphaël Verona traveled across the Altiplano region of Bolivia for a very specific reason.

They wanted to photograph the astounding spiritual diversity of the landlocked South American expanses, capturing portraits of the healers, witch doctors and medicine men who keep traditional mystic culture alive.

Living in a beautiful space between the country’s storied religious past and its rapidly advancing present, these figures represent magical realism in the 21st century…

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Sorry if I am unimpressed.  Anyone can dress up in elaborate costumes, but can the witch doctors and healers actually cure any diseases?

Boring Western medicine seems to have a much better track record, at least to go by boring statistics on boring topics like life expectancy at birth.

CIA World Fact Book puts Bolivia at #159 out of 223 countries for life expectancy at birth.

And remember, Bolivia also is home to people of purely Spanish descent (the witch doctors are native Amerindians or mixed). If one had statistics on the life expectancy of the Amerindians alone, I am sure it would be even worse.