Heather Mallick: Why Conservatives dislike foreign nannies

…Harper does want women to stay home, that is, if their home is the Philippines. But Canadians disagree. No immigrants are more warmly welcomed than the women who come here to take care of Canadian children while both parents go out to work. Suggest ending the live-in caregiver program — the LCP as the government calls it and I won’t — and parents get that wild-eyed look. Sell the pets, sell the jewels, but let’s keep Divina, the children happily do her bidding.
Instead Canada wants skilled immigrants with an emotional investment in the country in which they want their children to prosper. Nannies are well-educated hard-working people with ambition. You couldn’t find more worthy immigrants.

* * *
1) We have been through this before. Unskilled immigrants are self-perpetuating cycle. After only two years, the nannies can apply for resident status, and then soon, they bring their whole family too. Even if they are fine people (and many or most likely are), one thing is clear: their children will not be interested in low-paying jobs anymore than any other Canadian.  So it we need more unskilled immigrants and we are rapidly on our way to population replacement.

2) No one needs nannies.  Give me a break.  I brought up two kids on my own while working full time without any help from anyone (including their father).

For toddlers, many Canadian women are willing to babysit one or two in their own homes.  It worked fine for me.  Once they get a bit older, there is daycare.  That too, worked fine for me.

Once they are in school, many women are happy to earn some extra money by taking in children for those hours after schools ends and before you get home.  That took, worked fine for me.

My children are now grown and doing very well, please and thank-you, so do not tell me that daycare and babysitters are evil. 

3) What people like nannies for is that they will do housework and cooking too.  In other words the same old story: hard work for low wages. 

If you want a nanny, either take the road that I did, or hire a Canadian and pay them more.

4) This is simply something new, like TFWs, in order to pay lower wages.

I was very familiar with the life of the working mother in my day (approximately 1982-1989).  And no one I knew had a nanny because they were too expensive.  It was regarded as something for the wealthy.