Hamas likens Netanyahu to Hitler on CNN

A Hamas spokesperson spoke to CNN Tuesday evening and likened Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler. He compared the current Israeli ground operation in the Gaza Strip to the Nazi campaign to eradicate the Jewish people.

Speaking to Wolf Blitzer from Doha, Qatar, about the FAA’s decision to cancel US flights to Israel after a rocket fired from Gaza exploded near Ben Gurion International Airport, spokesperson Osama Hamdan told the American news anchor that Netanyahu “lost his morals” and is “reflecting a new image for Hitler and the Nazist army.”

Israeli troops, he charged, “are acting in the same way [as the Nazis], killing the Palestinians just because they are Palestinians, like what Hitler was doing in the last century.”

Hamdan neglected to mention that under Hitler’s orders, Nazi Germany exterminated 6 million Jews.

CNN noted that the Hamas spokesman didn’t answer Blitzer’s inquiry as to whether the Islamist organization is deliberately targeting Ben Gurion International Airport.