The Things American Liberal Jews Don’t Understand About Us

Now I realize the nature of the vast gulf between me (and most of the rest of the Israeli left) and the American Jewish critics, who claim to be pro-Israel. To us, the current war with Hamas is a just war. We may not support our government all the time. However, when a war begins; a war we did not start and did not want, we support the government and our soldiers. Yes, I profoundly regret the loss of human life in Gaza, but quite frankly when “children” I know are fighting in Gaza and rockets are being fired on them from homes in which civilians are likely located (civilians who were given many warnings to leave) I prefer that the Air Force send a missile into that building, instead of having one of our boys killed by an RPG fired from that same building. In this case I feel deep sadness about the innocents that may die, but I know we have no choice.