Sounds like she’s hoping to avoid a lawsuit…

Pro-Palestinian group to apologize for violence at Calgary rally

CALGARY — One of the organizers of a Gaza peace rally that erupted in violence last week says the group is planning to apologize.

But a Jewish family that was attacked when they showed up at Calgary City Hall to show support for Israel say they’re too afraid to take in another scheduled demonstration on Friday.

“I’m afraid for myself now,” said Samantha Hamilton, 22, who went with five family members to last Friday’s rally with Israeli flags and peaceful signs to show solidarity with their homeland.

“We just wanted to go and be peaceful.”

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Saima Jamal, one of the protest’s organizers, said her group regretted the violence.

“Not a single organizer was involved in any of the fights that happened and we absolutely denounce any sort of violence that happened,” she said, adding she did not hear any anti-Semitic slurs.

Ms. Jamal added organizers planned to issue a public apology to any counter-protesters who were harmed.

Ezra is heading to Calgary to help launch a suit. I suspect this is what motivated the “apology”

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