Libyan rebels behead Filipino ‘for being non-Muslim’

The Philippines on Monday confirmed the death of a Filipino construction worker who was kidnapped and beheaded by militiamen in Libya, in what has been described as the first Filipino death in the country since the 2011 revolution.

According to Department of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Charles Jose, the Filipino, whose identity has not been released, was singled out during a checkpoint for allegedly being a non-Muslim.

“The vehicle he was riding in was stopped at a checkpoint,” Jose said to reporters, quoted by local newspaper Philippine Star, “There were three of them – a Libyan, a Pakistani and a Filipino – and he was allegedly singled out because he was non-Muslim.”

The kidnappers initially asked for a $160,000 ransom in exchange for the Filipino’s freedom, but after four days of negotiations, a call was received bringing the tragic news that his headless, decomposing body is at a hospital in Benghazi.

Jose believes that the Filipino might have been dead even before the negotiations started.

Following the death of the Filipino, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs released a statement Sunday calling for the urgent evacuation of its estimated 13,000 Filipino workers based in Libya…