Guardian: ‘In a hospital. At the beach. Hamas, Israel tells us, is hiding among civilians’

According to Israel, Hamas is cowardly and cynical

Two Palestinian girls run past a damaged ambulance in Gaza on Sunday. Photograph: Oliver Weiken/EPA

They hid at the El-Wafa hospital.

They hid at the Al-Aqsa hospital.

They hid at the beach, where children played football.

They hid at the yard of 75-year-old Muhammad Hamad.

They hid among the residential quarters of Shujaya.

They hid in the neighbourhoods of Zaytoun and Toffah.
Hamas, they tell us, is cowardly and cynical.

* * *
See the link to see the full list, with its own hyperlinks. The author is trying to sound clever but sounds stupid.

Just because there do exist cases where civilians were hit and Hamas was not there, does not make the reverse true: that Hamas never hides among civilians.  Nor does he say that his list is comprehensive and covers every single case.  Just enough to make it sound crappy modern day “poetry.”  Logic fail.

A quick look at the comments  and I see no one has spotted it (although I did not read them all, I started feeling rather ill when I read: “Those are some great hiding places … pretty much everywhere that I would have chosen too. Very poignant … not quite Wilfrid Owen … but almost.”)