Teaching racism: Video of child beating boy in Lebanon goes viral

Screen shot from the video, which I am unable to locate, at least with a quick look

BEIRUT – Lebanon ordered an investigation Saturday into horrific video footage that has gone viral on the Internet showing a small child beating a boy, believed to be Syrian, urged on by adults.

In the footage, which cannot be independently verified by AFP, the child, named Abbas, swings a club at the thin, older boy, beating him on various parts of his body, slapping him and kicking him.

“I have asked the attorney general to take open an investigation,” into the video footage, Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi told AFP.

“The boy being beaten is most probably Syrian and his family most probably lives in the (eastern) Bekaa Valley,” near the border with Syria, he said.

The video was posted online by the Lebanese portal www.yasour.org which said it obtained it through a mobile phone…

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Note: The Yasour link is to the main site (in Arabic), not the video itself.

How can a Syrian be a different race than a Lebanese?