Sports: is it all just crap?


I wish I could find a clip of the Northern Exposure bit where tough old Alaska barkeep Holling admits to his freakishly young and arguably slightly retarded girlfriend/wife – yeah, in retrospect, it’s a mildly creepy setup – that he might be a bear-killing hardass who takes no crap from anyone, but sports bore him to hell and he can barely look at the TV that he’s constantly got playing over the bar because there’s always some idiot trying to get him to pretend to care about some baseball/basketball match that means absolutely nothing to him.

Arguably-semi-retarded-girlfriend Shelly’s reply is along the lines of: “Look, even a nerd like (intelligent New York Jewish) Dr. Fleischman can go anywhere in America and at least talk baseball! Our kid’s going to grow up to be a fag!”

Sadly, she doesn’t wind up leaving him.