London pro-Israel rally’s turnout far below past support

London’s pro-Israel rally opposite the Israeli embassy, Sunday, July 20, 2014

LONDON — As Israel supporters gathered to show solidarity outside the country’s London Embassy on Sunday the overriding sentiment was, “Hamas has left Israel with no choice.” The, according to police figures, upwards of 1,500 supporters called for peace — and railed against the media’s portrayal of this latest outbreak of violence.

With Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza expanding and the reported Palestinian death toll rising to above 400, speakers made clear they felt Israel had been pushed into a corner and attendees waved banners calling for the rockets to stop and for peace to prevail.
“Free Palestine” stickers, leftover from Saturday’s 15,000-strong anti-Israel march at which activists declared “Israel is a terror state,” were still visible on the ground. But the crowd was defiant, draped in flags and singing Hebrew songs…

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