Libya Islamists resume assault on Tripoli airport

Smoke rises after a shelling at Tripoli International Airport July 15, 2014. (Reuters)

Islamist militia resumed their assault on Libya’s main international airport in Tripoli, on Sunday, killing at least two people, a Libyan security official said according to the Associated Press.

The victims were killed after a stray rocket hit their house as rival militias exchanged heavy fire around Tripoli’s international airport, the official said on condition.

The bombardment resumed early Sunday two days after an abortive truce with the rival former rebels that control it.

“The airport was attacked this morning with mortar rounds, rockets and tank fire,” Al-Jilani al-Dahesh, an airport security official said, according to Agence France-Presse.

“It was the most intense bombardment so far,” he added…

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As a side note on the previous post by hbd* chick, note that radical Islam adds yet another layer of confusion.

News reports are full of stories of “tribesmen” fighting Islamists. Why would that be? Likely because, outside of a few truly awful places in Afghanistan, it is no doubt hard to get an entire tribe, or even clan, to agree to say, the approach of ISIS.

I have seen absolutely no reporting on how the Islamists organize themselves, but it seems from reading between the lines of the reporting that they break off from their clans and form new groups – of the same ethnicity or language it would appear from scattered reports.

So quite apart from tribes fighting with other, the Islamists in Libya are now fighting the tribes as a whole.   The current self-annoited anti-Islamist leader is the rather mysterious “General Hifter [aka Hafter].”