Facebook scammers prey on Aussie MH17 victims with fake tribute pages

Scammers have created fake Facebook accounts for MH17 victims, including the three young Perth children who died with their grandfather

The names and photos of Australian MH17 plane crash victims are being exploited by online scammers who have set up fake Facebook tribute pages to drive traffic to a dodgy external website.

The Facebook pages, created on the day the plane crashed, baited people to click on another website with a link purporting to show footage of the MH17 disaster.

“Video Camera Caught the moment plane MH17 Crash over Ukraine. Watch here the video of Crash,” the link read.
Facebook has taken down the pages but the external site goalshighlights.com remains live. It was registered in Bucharest, Romania in 2010 and the ISP address tracks back to the Netherlands.

Ken Gamble, chairman of the Australian chapter of the International Association of Cybercrime Prevention, said it looked like the website had been hacked in order to divert to adult hook up websites and others selling counterfeit drugs…