EU Leaders Deeply Divided Over Russia

A battery of the Russian-made Buk (SA-11) anti-aircraft missile system, which is the type of system used to shoot down flight MH17

European elites, who take pride in viewing the EU as a “postmodern” superpower, have long argued that military hard-power is illegitimate in the 21st century.

Unfortunately for Europe, Russia (along with China and Iran) has not embraced the EU’s fantastical soft-power worldview, in which “climate change” is now said to pose the greatest threat to European security.

For its part, the European Commission, the EU’s administrative branch, which never misses an opportunity to boycott institutions in Israel, has issued only a standard statement on the shooting down of MH17 in Ukraine, which reads: “The European Union will continue to follow this issue very closely.”

The EU has made only half-hearted attempts to develop alternatives to its dependency on Russian oil and gas…