#DiversityIsOurStrength 18-year-old Australian suicide bomber was behind deadly Baghdad attack

Civilians inspect the site of the bomb attack in Shorja Market in Baghdad. It is thought Abu Bakr al-Australi was riding a wooden cart when he detonated the bomb near a Shiite mosque in one of Baghdad’s largest markets. Photo: AP

An 18-year-old Australian man was behind a deadly suicide bomb attack in Iraq last week, authorities said, with Attorney-General George Brandis calling it a “disturbing development.”

The blast near a mosque in Baghdad on Thursday left several dead, including the teenager, who left Melbourne for the region last year.

Reports said the Islamic State militant group named him as Abu Bakr al-Australi on an affiliated Twitter feed, with Brandis’ office confirming he was Australian.

“This is a disturbing development and is a further example of the dangerous and volatile situation in Iraq at present,” Brandis said in a statement on Monday…

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The only positive thing about this hideous event is that “Abu Bakr al-Australi” is dead, and burning in hell.