No, beachgoers are not watching Gaza airstrikes on giant screens

A doctored ‘screenshot’ of The Times of Israel’s homepage, purporting to show the Israel Air Force raids on the Gaza Strip being screened on a beach in Tel Aviv.

A fake “screenshot” of The Times of Israel’s homepage made social media rounds over the weekend, purportedly showing a report of Israel’s airstrikes on the Gaza Strip being screened on a Tel Aviv beach.

But as most savvy news consumers already know, that screenshot was a doctored photo and the only thing Tel Aviv beachgoers are watching are sand, waves and the occasional Iron Dome interception overhead after Hamas shoots rockets at the city.
The photo is doctored; the shot of the bombing was photoshopped onto the screen.

The original photo was actually taken over a month ago, on June 16, 2014 — not in Tel Aviv, but in Brazil.

The shot, taken by Associated Press photographer Wong Maye-E, depicts two men relaxing between games in front of a blank screen erected on the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro for fans to watch live broadcasts of the World Cup…

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How low can you get?  The pro-Palestinian crowd seems to contain a lot of people who have zero concern with truth.

Yes, I know, we already knew that.