#LackOfDiversityOnceWasOurStrength CNN’s Sally Kohn implies that conservatives are racist since they are not worried over the border with Canada

The Peace Arch at the border crossing at White Rock, BC, south of Vancouver. It is inscribed with the words “CHILDREN OF A COMMON MOTHER” (which is now utterly politically incorrect)

It seems these days that liberals look for any excuse to accuse conservatives of racism, even when there’s no reason. If they can’t directly make the accusation, then they’re certain to imply it. Such was the case Saturday when CNN contributor and Daily Beast columnist Sally Kohn implied racism with a tweet wondering why conservatives aren’t worried about the border with Canada, Twitchy reported.

“Along US/Canada border for few days, not single border patrol agent. Why aren’t conservatives complaining about border security here? Hmm,” she tweeted, in what was clearly an effort to foment hate against conservatives.

Although not directly stated, the implication is quite clear. Conservatives aren’t complaining about the northern border because of racism, despite the fact that thousands of illegal immigrants are not pouring over it to get into the country. Kohn’s implication was noted by a number of people who took her to task for the offensive message.

“Good grief, what an absolute moron you are, Sally. Do you even care about the truth? Pathetic,” one person said in response.

“You must be in Michigan/Canada. That’s where the border patrol keeps Americans IN,” another person sarcastically noted.

“[I]’m gonna have to remove you from my ‘smart liberal’ list for that tweet. Getting smaller everyday,” said Twitter user “Rae Leggett.”

Several people, falling just short of drawing Kohn a picture with crayons, informed her that unlike the southern border, there is no influx of illegals streaming across the border with Canada. One person told her that people in Canada actually wish to remain there. Other critics attacked Kohn personally, questioning her intelligence…

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In any case, she is a total idiot. Canadians have to produce a passport to cross the border. I have not been south since they passed this new requirement, sometime in the 2000s.

For all the years of my life, we never had to produce a passport or even anything unless the border guards were suspicious.

Why they introduced this passport requirement, whilst allowing a basically open border with Mexico is a total mystery to me.