#DiversityIsOurStrength Gallia Watch on yesterday’s mob violence in Paris: photos and translations from French media

“It looks like a third world country” notes the blogger

Dreuz (a pro-Christian, pro-Israel site) has posted a long page crammed with videos and photos of the uprising, rioting, looting, destruction, Intifada if you prefer, that took place in Paris on July 19 following orders from French authorities banning the planned pro-Palestinian demonstration.

Here is an abridged version of the text…

For the media these are scenes of rioting. Alas, they are scenes of Islamization. You have to look hard to find any ethnic Frenchmen in them.

And additionally, they are also anti-Jewish demonstrations…
At Place Clichy, a cop said to me: “It’s war.”  How reassuring.

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More photos and videos here.  Sample vid