Legalising assisted dying will put too much pressure on people, says bishop

John Inge, bishop of Worcester, said that if assisted dying were legal he might have felt pressured to encourage his wife to end her life

Legalising assisted dying will put unreasonable pressure on terminally ill people and their families, the bishop of Worcester says in an emotive article published in the Guardian.

Drawing on the experience of his wife’s death from cancer this year at the age of 51, John Inge said that after his experience that he could not support the proposal in Lord Falconer’s bill being debated today.

The bishop, an ally of Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, says his opposition is not based on religious grounds, but on concern for “the weakest and most vulnerable in society”, such as patients with a terminal prognosis.

Denise Inge, the wife of John Inge, bishop of Worcester, died on Easter Day from abdominal sarcoma at the age of 51. She had been a distinguished critic and a world authority on mystical poet Thomas Traherne. She left two daughters, aged 10 and 15…