Immigrants or refugees? It makes a difference

UN, humanitarian groups want Central American immigrant kids treated as refugees

WASHINGTON (CNN) —When thousands of children fled violence and poverty in Iraq, Syria and Darfur and surged toward the borders of other nations, it was seen as a humanitarian crisis and they were considered refugees.

But a huge influx of young migrants from Central America, many telling U.N. workers they are trying to escape drug cartels, gang violence, murder and rape as they stream across the southern border, have so far not been conveyed the same status.

The contrast in what politicians on both sides of the aisle and others have characterized as a humanitarian crisis has introduced new complexity to America’s toxic debate on immigration.

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees is pushing for the United States, Mexico, and Central American countries to treat many of the children as “refugees,” which could prompt more from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to seek asylum.

However, the White House has said most won’t qualify as refugees to stay in the country.

“We don’t want to send people back into harm’s way … but the more they expand access to asylum, the more people will feel they have a case,” said Adam Isacson, a senior associate for regional security for Washington Office on Latin America, a nonprofit humanitarian organization…

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Call them refugees and you will have the entire population of Central America move to the US!  This is the stupidest idea I have heard on the topic.  Of course the “kids” are talking about gang violence, etc etc.  They have been coached to do just that.