#DiversityIsOurStrength Clashes as pro-Palestine protesters march in Paris despite ban

Despite a police ban announced Friday, and with a presidential warning that protesters will be “held responsible”, thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators have marched in Paris in protest at Israel’s ongoing campaign against Hamas in Gaza…

Quick edited Google Translate from HuffPo:

Despite the prohibition of this event by the authorities, hundreds of people gathered Saturday, 19 July, at Barbès, in the North of Paris, to express their support for the Palestinians in Gaza. Clashes broke out with security forces. In the province, thousands of demonstrators marched peacefully.

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The president of the Republic himself has launched a warning, since he is in Chad on an official visit, warning that “those who want at any price [to express themselves via protests] will take responsibility. I have asked the Minister of the Interior that these events (in Paris) cannot continue,” said François Holland, noting that it “will not prevent other means of expression.”

The prefecture of police of Paris had banned this demonstration citing “serious risks of disturbance to public order” after the clashes on July 13 before two synagogues, in addition to another gathering.

Shortly after 2 p.m., more than 100 activists, some with placards, were already gathered on the crossroads located not far from the Gare du Nord.

“We are all Palestinians” or “Palestine will live, Palestine will conquer,” they chanted, under the eye of numerous CRS.

The original procession was scheduled at 3 pm. Dozens of police cars were stationed on each side of the Skytrain at Barbès. Several avenues were cut off to traffic, causing traffic jams.

Around 4 p.m., protesters threw projectiles, stones and bottles at the police. The police responded with tear gas, causing the crowd to move to the small streets around the crossroad at Barbès. According to them, at least one person was injured.

38 people were arrested around 7 p.m. for throwing projectiles, violence against the forces of order and contempt. Fourteen policemen were injured, according to the source…

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Figured it out: “Barbès” (literally, “beards”) is a place, a neighbourhood in Paris, where a  lot of the demonstrations are taking place.

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To see Twitter photos with hashtag #barbes, see here.

Is this what it will look like some day when the Muslims finally turn on the native French?