#DiversityIsOurStrength Birmingham: Claims ignored ‘due to fear of being labeled racist’

Sir Albert Bore said issues about the schools had been raised as early as 2007. Credit: ITV News

The leader of Birmingham City Council has accepted that the authority had “shied away” from dealing with governance issues in a number of east Birmingham schools “out of a misguided fear of being accused of racism:”

The report has highlighted areas where we have either taken no action, were too slow to take action, or have simply done the wrong thing. The report further states this has often been because of the risk of being seen as racist or Islamophobic.

Our proper commitment to cohesion in communities sometimes overrode the need to tackle difficult questions about what was happening in a small number of schools.

Source.  More details at The Guardian here and the Daily Mail here.

Some discussions are getting hung up on the words “plot” and “conspiracy.”  It need not have been either: merely people with similar backgrounds and ideas taking advantage of the situation.  Discussions of whether or not it was an organized plot are not relevant.

What is relevant is that there are so many people now living in the UK with these ideas, rather than whether or not they organized a plot or just seized the opportunity that was presented to them by the government of the UK.

Rarely has the idiotic phrase “diversity is our strength” looked more ridiculous.

We are truly getting into Soviet territory here. No matter how wrong an idea is turning out to be, the only solution anyone in charge will contemplate is to keep repeating the same stupid phrases and other related garbage.

I fear it will be the end of the West yet, just as attempting to stick to clearly idiotic economic concepts brought down the Soviet Union.