Canadian medical care and Canadian veterinary care: a stark comparison

My dog is one of the most affectionate creatures that ever lived: he even tries to play with the squirrels.

OK – he is not the smartest dog ever. As a matter of fact, I had a beta fish that was smarter than he is. But, he is loving and kind and gentle and we love him very much. Therefore, we make sure he has the best veterinary care.

Earlier this week, I took our doggy in to the vet for his annual checkup. I got an appointment when I wanted, showed up, was seen without a wait. My dog had his bloodwork done (and the vet herself telephoned me in 3 hours with the results), he got his shots, heartworm pills, an antihistemine topical spray for when the ragweed season hits and a special ear cleaner for when we go to the cottage and he goes swimming, to prevent potential ear infection from the lake.