There is no migrant invasion in Italy, says lefty elite Laura Boldrini

She was the subject of an article in an Italian magazine

ROME, JULY 18 – Chamber Speaker Laura Boldrini chastised Italians for growing alarm over a wave of thousands of migrants arriving to Italian shores.

“In Italy, on talks of an ‘emergency’ when a few thousand refugees and migrants arrive. One speaks of ‘invasion’ when the refugees that live here number 78,000. Africa hosts about 14 million (migrants and refugees),” Boldrini said, speaking at a parliament seminar with African ambassadors in attendance.

“In a fragile country with a population of 12 million people like Chad, nearly 500,000 people have found refuge,” Boldrini continued. “Thus we must learn from Africa. We must look to Africa, also because 22% of the migrants residing in Italy come from this continent and in our schools there are children with Italo-African histories and roots.”

“Finally, it is to Africa that we should look for new horizons to our economies, which have been enveloped for too long in a recessive spiral.”

“Just 5% of Italian exports are destined to the African continent, and just 7% of our investment reaches Africa. The enormous disparity compared to the activism of other countries, especially emerging (markets), is striking.”

“Even in the countries to which we are linked by geographic proximity or historical ties, like those of North Africa or the Horn, our entrepreneurs have little presence, leaving space to those of other countries,” Boldrini said.

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Wiki has little but the basics:

Laura Boldrini, OMRI (born 28 April 1961), is an Italian journalist and politician who has been President of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy since 16 March 2013. Previously she was a spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Born in Macerata, Marche, Boldrini graduated in Law from the Sapienza University of Rome in 1985. Afterwards, she was employed at the Italian public service broadcasting corporation RAI, working both for television and radio. In 1989 she was employed for four years at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), where she was active in video and radio production.

From 1993 until 1998 she worked at the World Food Programme (WFP) as the Italian spokesperson. From 1998 to 2012 she was spokesperson of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), for whom she also coordinated public information campaigns in Southern Europe. In recent years she has specifically dealt with the influx of migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean. She has taken part in numerous missions to crisis spots, including the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Caucasus, Angola and Rwanda.

Boldrini was elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies in the 2013 parliamentary election as an independent candidate in the Left Ecology Freedom party list, who together with their coalition allies in the Democratic Party and in Italy Common Good hold the majority of seats in the lower house. She represents the second electoral district of Sicily.

Edited Google translate from the magazine pictured above:

If Laura Boldrini worked at FAO and then went to the United Nations as a spokesman for the World Food Programme and for ten years as spokesman for the High Commissioner for Refugees, it is because in the 1981 she took a backpack and climbed on a plane. To where?

“Central America. With a friend, I decided to go to Venezuela to work in a “finca de arroz” rice company in Calabozo, a southern village.  My father was completely opposed, while my mother was now more malleable.”

My father has not spoken for eight years… [He] is a difficult father, a very special man: reserved, studious, solitary, traditionalist, very religious, loving the countryside and classical music, often expressed in Latin and Greek. His principles are not blended with my curiosity.”

Maybe her father still doesn’t understand why his daughter of twenty years he decided to go to work with the “campesinos” in Venezuela.

“They put me in the office, but I wanted to know life in the camps: I stayed there three months, enough to understand how the peasants live in that part of the world, could see them working hard for eight hours, then in the evening they went into the bar to spend the money they had earned during the day.”
That first trip continued adventurously toward Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States, then to New York. “We traveled again for three months in Central America by bus, but at some point someone stole the bag with my money and my passport. It was a tough baptism.”

It is clear she knows nothing about economics. She wants to expand trade with desperately poor Africa: where are they going to find the money to buy Italian products?

A total leftist dreamer and fool.  Sure, Chad has lots of refugees, but how they living?  In camps, supported the rich West.

And the future of Italy is in the hands of people like this.  I agree with her father and weep.