#FirstWorldProblems Cheryl Cole name change is not only horribly sexist, it’s also basically medieval

Cheryl Cole and new husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini

Cheryl’s done it twice now. Jordan – even in her situation – says she’d love to do it.

I don’t get it.

Why, in 2014, are so many women still changing their surnames to their husbands’ when they get married?

It’s not only horribly sexist, it’s also basically medieval.

And it’s not like there hasn’t already been acres of misogyny in the actual wedding itself , all done in the name of tradition… the groom asks the bride’s father for his permission, the father hands her over at the ceremony, like property, at the reception they both make speeches, along with the best man, i.e. all the blokes talk while the subservient little women keep schtum.
[W]hy do women just automatically opt to take the man’s name, rather than it being a discussion where both surnames are considered?

You know, like we’re equals or something.

Double-barrelling is a bit ridiculous, but still preferable, as is mixing the two last names to form a new one, which both parties then take.

There simply has to be a new, better, modern, FAIR way of doing it…