Real minimum wages in Canada haven’t budged in almost four decades

Real minimum wages in Canada basically haven’t budged from almost four decades ago.

A report today from Statistics Canada, which looks at the weighted average among the provinces, comes amid a debate over inequality, high unemployment among the nation’s youth, and accusations of abuse of the Temporary Foreign Workers program.

According to the statistics agency, the average minimum wage in Canada was $10.14 an hour last year. And when you translate the 1975 equivalent into 2013 dollars, it was “almost identical” at $10.13.

Having said that, it certainly varied over the course of almost 40 years, dipping to $7.53 between 1975 and 1986, then rising to $8.81 in 1996.

Up until 11 years ago, it held stable at about $8.50, and has climbed since then…