‘Jihadi Vogue’ magazine lampoons Iraq’s Islamic State warriors

In a world where lapses in dress sense can be punishable by death, it could well prove to be essential reading.

“Jihadi Vogue,” an online version of the famous fashion magazine, sells itself as the “Style Quran” for the average mujahedeen, from tips on the right head bands to wear in combat through to “eight reasons why moustaches are out.”

This, howevever, is not the latest innovation from the social media wing of the Islamic State, the jihadist group that is now building its own “Caliphate” in northern Iraq.

Instead, it is one of numerous spoofs that have surfaced online to lampoon the group’s posturing, extremist ways.

Whether the spoofs are done purely by anonymous amateurs or are part of a CIA-sponsored “black PR” campaign is not known.

But with the Islamic State’s own propaganda wing producing a daily stream of pictures and commentaries on life in the new caliphate, there is clearly no shortage of material to satirize…

It no discussion ya kafir @DanielPipes ! It Rolex, but kufar media spreading lies about Caliph ! pic.twitter.com/pUs2ZZOeQP
— Baghdadi (@CaliphIbrahim) July 11, 2014