In Syria’s Aleppo, children swim in bomb craters

And none too clean looking water either

In Syria’s second city Aleppo, craters blasted by regime air raids on opposition-held areas have been transformed into improvised swimming pools for children to cool off in raging summer temperatures.

Although the water is filthy, the war-weary children of the country’s one-time commercial capital find in these pools a rare opportunity to both have fun and seek relief from the oppressive heat.

In the battered district of Shaar, children and teenagers swim carefree in one flooded crater, the rubble of buildings in a totally destroyed street their backdrop, an AFP correspondent said.

Despite the visible presence of water in the street, the battered city suffers from endemic water and electricity shortages after being ravaged by two years of war…

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But, who cares? 150,000+ dead (they have stopped counting), killed by Muslims, are apparently of zero concern to the masses in Muslim world screaming “genocide” over 150 dead killed by Jews (in self-defence).

It is not how many are killed, apparently, it is who’s killing them–even though there at least 1,000 times more dead in Syria.  Muslims really do not care at all about the dead–they just hate Jews and Israel.

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Tom Doran, writing on the website of the Independent newspaper on Friday, July 11:

In the Hobbesian nightmare that is Bashar al-Assad’s Syria, about 9,000 children have been killed since the civil war began in 2011. Nine thousand. That’s the equivalent of a large British secondary school reduced to ashes every six months.

Forgive me if I’m merely being unobservant, but where is the international campaign against the Syrian regime? Is it hiding? Did campuses all over the world hold a “Syrian Genocide Week,” and I just wasn’t paying attention?

I think not, somehow. This is not “criticism,” this is obsession.

A part of me is tempted to voice my very real concerns about where Israeli society is headed, but after a week or two of arguing with people who will do anything but recognize terrorist aggression has dissuaded me.

I still have those concerns, but somehow, I just can’t bring myself to talk about them. Not while my Israeli comrades are rushing to their bomb shelters and being blamed for it at the same time.

I stand with Israel.