Far right group ‘invade’ Crayford mosque demanding removal of ‘sexist’ signs

The offending signs

Members of a far right group “invaded” Crayford Mosque and demanded “sexist” signs be removed.

Britain First activists marched into the North West Kent Muslim Association mosque in the High Street at around 1.15pm yesterday.

Led by former Swanley BNP councillor Paul Golding, they confronted members of the mosque over the building’s separate entrances for men and women.

A statement on the group’s website under the headline “Britain First Activists invade Crayford mosque”, said: “Islam treats and views women as second class citizens.

“Britain First Kent battalion activists entered the big mosque in Crayford to inform the Imams that they have exactly seven days to remove sexist signs from outside their building, or we will.

“Britain First will not allow Islam to drag our standards back to the 7th Century…”