So are transexuals mentally ill fantasists

…or is the British establishment comprised a freakishly high number of psychopathic child-molesting perverts who screw their victims up for life?

Ralph Bonner Pink has been accused by his adopted child of being a child sex offender who could have been connected to a paedophile ring.

He was Conservative MP for Ports­mouth South for 18 years until his death from bowel cancer in 1984, at the age of 71. He also served as a councillor, alderman and mayor of the naval port and was a magistrate.

Today his adopted daughter reveals he abused her when she was aged under 10. When he thought she might unmask him, she claims, he packed her off to private schools, a mental hospital then Broadmoor when she was just 16.

She was born ­Alizon Pink but is now a trans­sexual called Steven George.