Protest the latest Israeli attack on Gaza – in Hamilton

When: Saturday, July 19, 2014, 1 p.m.

Where: Effort Square, 105 Main Street East, Hamilton, at the corner of Catharine. The Effort Trust Building houses the offices both of the Jewish National Fund and the State of Israel Bonds. Both are pillars of the apartheid State of Israel. For more information on the Jewish National Fund, see here:

What to bring: Palestinian flags, home-made posters (along the themes of “Israel: Stop the attack on Gaza”, “End the blockade of Gaza”, “End the illegal occupation!”, “Harper: Condemn Israeli War Crimes!”), union banners, whistles, drums, pots…)

Who: Sponsored by the Palestinian Association of Hamilton and the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War

Our Proud Endorsers:

United in Colour (Black Feminist Club)
McMaster Indigenous Student Community Alliance
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights – McMaster
Anti-racists and Allies of Hamilton, Ontario
McMaster Muslims For Peace and Justice
Students Against War

Facebook Event page here.

h/t Marvin