Israel, Palestine: Where the Daily Mail sympathies lie: ‘Israelis smiling during rocket attack in remarkable images’

Life as usual: Smiling Israelis and tourists run from the beach to take cover in a nearby hotel in the costal city of Tel Aviv during a rocket attack fired by Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip today

Though Hamas rockets fill the skies over Israel, residents of cosmopolitan Tel Aviv have been seen hitting the beach, joyfully plunging into the water when the air raid sirens stop and the coast is clear.

The threat of violence has hung heavy over the region since the creation of the state in 1948, and as a result Israelis have become accustomed to a daily reality that would fill the people of other westernised nations with dread.

The other side: Palestinian girls mourn at their home before the funeral of their uncle, Adham Abed el-Al, who died the day before in an Israeli airstrike

Because of its distance from the volatile Gaza strip, the coastal city became known as “the bubble,” avoiding the security threats faced by Israelis in other parts of the country.
“After a while you almost get used to the sound of the air raid sirens, but not completely,” Meytal Cohen, who works in a Tel Avis women’s accessory store told USA Today.

She added that she refused to shut up shop and stay at home because it “would be handing Hamas a victory and I refuse to do that.”
Gaza health officials say Israeli air strikes have killed 170 Palestinians, most of them civilians…

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And whose fault is it that the Gazans live in a crappy place with terrible leadership, and are incapable of modernizing?  Israel’s fault, of course, would say most Palestinian sympathizers. But the rest of the Middle East – except for the oil states who got lucky geologically – is equally crappy.

Let us say 170 dead from Gaza.  How many from Syria?  The people of Gaza should be thankful they are not living there.